A.I.D.A (Attention Interest Desire and Action)

You may have seen this all the time “Make money from advertising and generate ad income from your Blog! Our Advertisers want YOU to advertise and drive traffic to their websites products and services on your blogs and journals.” I say Utter Bullshit .

As the world of advertising becomes more and more competitive, advertising becomes more and more sophisticated. Yet the basic principles behind advertising copy remain attract attention and persuade to take action. As a result, various indirect models have been created to write persuasive messages but to be practical The only Model which has been the only savior and based on basic principle is AIDA model.

Four Steps to Success  on how to form your platform and Niche marketing you need.The A.I.D.A model itself is the mool mantra itself of Advertising your target Audience .It is like a funnel if you pour  it  right you will get the filtered and fresh part.


Now how will you do that? Yes, Wiki entertainment will help you out .At first you need to set you Consumers Demographic and Pyschographic profile right,that includes Age,Sex,Occupation etc.The next step is hitting your hammer at the Right time and  at the right place.Yes ,remember Rome was not built in a day but when organized carefully and responsibly you can make it in a short span of time .

ATTENTIONIn a industry of Glame and fame were there are many vultures sitting at the top to fetch their consumers what you need to do is setting your goals right.So Catch the viewer’s attention and get them engage as they want to know more about you .Well,it also depends upon consumer’s interest as it won’t last more then few seconds .So what,if you got Seconds to Plot and catch the eyes of consumer. One of the greatest example is of Amul’s Billboard Advertising from a very long time they have  made their benchmark .

INTEREST:Interest occurs when one wants or needs something – hunger is an example. The level of interest (or desire) increases as hunger and or the wants and desires increase. The problem you talk about serves to show why your

proposition is needed.  Clarify the relevance of your message to the Consumer and highlight practical benefits. Please don’t be boring coz; it is you and your enthusiasm to the product which counts.

Desire:  Desire is what consumers see in satisfying their needs be it tangible or intangible.So what consumers wishes to be a SUPERMAN  .So the main way of doing this is by appealing to their personal needs and wants. Take the time to explain complex ideas step by step this may help your idea be received more fondly.Fore.g,If a consumer desire’s to buy a Car but is low on budget then show him the best mileage car but remember never hurt the ego of consumer as it is because of his Desire your product is to be Sold.

ACTION: A physical response to obtain what one wants and desires and is willing to assume the risks and/or costs in obtaining it.Provide the audience with all that they will need to take action easily. for e.g,When a customer buys a laptop in a store, he pays for his own benefit to work and communicate anywhere. So,benefit him/her with giving discounts or a reason to smile.

It is all about Hitting the hammer at the Right time at the Right place and at the Right Advertisement .After all your investment should outcome benefits which will result to Success . Keep Reading and All the best .

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