The Dark secrets of The Dark knight rises

I remember the trio exceptionally well directed on the first two were ‘Christopher  Nolanhad a powerful impact of the Character “Batman“. People still hadn’t got of their head the remarkable appearance of Late. Heath Ledger made in his last movie. Apart from first two the third part apparently was the worst part with a loose script having a bad Editing experience or to be precise a mixture of all the worst experiences of Direction mixed into one and served so gracefully in a platter.

People anticipated that all good things must come to an end – and when Batman director Christopher Nolan is at the helm, they should end with a bang.Being the most anticipated movie of the year and breaking the booking records at the box office it turned out to be a utter waste .

Reason –Poor Script to hold a grip too long to end for the movie ,I personally appreciate Direction sense of Christopher Nolan but what happened at the post production .GFx had done their job very well but could see a poor sense of Editing also.

Still a question popping in my mind ‘How can a poor scripted movie break the Box office booking records’ ?  

At the premiers of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ there took a tragic incident were people were openly shot by a man full packed with armor .The tragic shooting at a midnight screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’  in Aurora, Colo., on Friday reignited discussions about the consequences of on-screen violence in contemporary culture. Does the prevalence of violent imagery in movies, video games and on television promote violence in the real world? Should freedom of artistic expression be respected above all else? In recent days, a number of prominent film critics have addressed these questions.

More specifically, we have to stop our ratings system from being criminally lenient in how it treats disturbing material on-screen, especially where major studio films are concerned. The question rises ‘Is this all a part of promotional strategy or a mere coincidence’?. As Cinema being a part of our Life we sometimes pretend to be the protagonist or the character who have made a impact in your brains .

Entertainment is what viewers seek in Directors ,Producers so called Film Makers and Actors . It seems as the Era of Cinema and pure art form has come to an end were people after working late nights desired to watch a entertaining movie.Violence being so provocative has been used as a tool to hitch people’s attention .

Being Haunted at the Darkest Night of Cinema it seems Cinema has come to an End………………………………………



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