Worried about your Salary Expectations well here are few tips to negotiate 

Family getting bigger  Pockets getting empty , Inflation is killing your dreams day by day but still when you wake up in the morning you wake up with a HOPE and so as well said Where there’s a Will there’s a Way.

When you are done with Group Discussions and Interviews and they have made their mind to hire you but still all those things are revolving around in your head and you are in a situation to make your dreams come true ,so here it is what you have to do.

1. Highlight your Strengths : Its all your years and years of Experience describe them about your strengths your accomplishments Graph your                report of Success.Now make a note while you are describing your quantitative success you should be approachable .

2. Never Barge in : When your Interviewer is describing about the salary structure never interrupt in between ,this makes a bad impression and you could loose your job as well so be cool listen to what he/she has to say let them complete their point and decide how you can put your point .

3.Look out for the cream:  No when they are done with your salary you need to ask for the incentive’s structure or perks and bonus for which company is ready to offer .Ask  for the appraisal system as well.

4.Value Yourself: Now is the time when you make your point and draw the attention towards your plus points .Don’t be overconfident .

5. Be Brainy :  Let the company complete their procedure and what offer they have for your,Now be diplomatic about your salary expectations           and  what was your current salary .

6. Explore the org:  You should first research and be very well known about the facts and figure’s of the company. As no organisation is the same so be clear what salary do they offer to the Job seekers.

7. Have faith in yourself:  Believe in yourself it is all about how well you play your cards .Who knows you could land up living your dream …….


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